The Ware Center: A Milestone of Millersville University, Lancaster, PA

Millersville University, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was established in 1855 as an institute of higher learning. It is a medium-sized school with an emphasis on alternative education, and one of its most influential contributions to higher education in the region is the Ware Center. The Warehouse Center, known as the Ware Center for short, is the performing arts center of Millersville University and has been a driving force for the school and the local community for over two decades. Its doors opened to the public in 1997, and since then, it has been a cornerstone of artistic and cultural development within the community of Lancaster. Find further facts here.

The Ware Center houses a 1,444-seat auditorium, two recital halls, a playhouse, a theatre, multiple classrooms and offices, and conference facilities. This dazzling blend of spaces has been utilized to host a variety of events, from drama performances and concerts, to dance performances and art exhibitions. The Ware Center has built its reputation through its commitment to showcasing emerging talent. Over the years, the venue has shined a spotlight on local and national artists, leading to the region becoming a prominent cultural hub. Despite its size, the Ware Center has managed to program performances from Grammy-nominated musicians, renowned theater companies, and much more. Learn more about A Day in the Life of Musser Park: An Introduction to Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s Popular City Park.