Explore the Wonders of the North Museum of Nature and Science in Lancaster, PA

At the North Museum of Nature and Science, visitors of all ages will be able to explore the wonders of nature, with over 500,000 square feet of exhibits that cover everything from fossils and dinosaurs to the lives of 19th-century farmers. The museum also has several interactive exhibits perfect for kids, such as the Nature Exploration Center, where kids can dig for fossils, learn about various ecosystems, and get up close and personal with some of the museum’s live animals. In addition, the museum is home to various educational programs, such as the Young Explorers Program, where children can explore the museum’s exhibits and participate in hands-on activities. Find further facts here.

Aside from its exhibits, the North Museum of Nature and Science also offers a range of events and activities for those looking for a more immersive experience. Examples include Night At the Museum, an event where visitors can explore the museum by candlelight and listen to presentations on various topics, and the Special Family Day Events, where visitors can take part in demonstrations and hands-on activities related to a chosen theme. The museum also offers lectures on various topics and live demonstrations of scientific experiments. Learn more about Take a Journey of Discovery at Lancaster Science Factory in Lancaster, PA.

In addition to all of the on-site activities, the museum also offers a variety of educational resources. These include various books, digital media programs, and web-based activities that allow visitors to explore their interests in nature and science further. The museum also has an official YouTube channel, which posts videos covering the museum’s history, the stories behind the artifacts, and much more.

For those looking for an even more engaging experience, the North Museum of Nature and Science partners with local schools, scout groups, and other organizations to provide field trips and educational tours of the museum and its collections. These tours offer an excellent opportunity for students and scouts to explore the museum’s collections and learn about various topics related to science and nature.

The North Museum of Nature and Science is a fantastic destination for those hoping to explore the wonders of nature and science. With its wide range of exhibits, events, activities, educational resources, and field trips, this museum will surely provide an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a science enthusiast, a budding naturalist, or just looking for something fun and educational, the North Museum of Nature and Science is worth visiting.